Saturday, July 13, 2013

Focus Wall Freebie and a Winner! ☁

Howdy Doody, everyone! Thank you all for your super sweet, supportive comments yesterday. You all are just amazing! So for the Brag Charms giveaway, I used Random Number Generator and the winner of the Brag Charms is:
Congratulations, Katie! Please leave me your e-mail so I can send the Brag Charms your way! 

Now, I wanted to share a little freebie with you all...Focus Wall Headers! 

I made these back when my theme was robots and polka dots. They are very simple, but I feel like they have to be because a focus wall is usually very busy. Here is a page as a sample:

I am still debating whether I'm going to do a focus wall this year. I do love having an area where everything is cohesive...we'll see. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you like these and can use them, just click on any of the pictures above to download from TpT. Enjoy! See you later, friends! ✎


  1. Just found your blog and think it's ADORABLE! I taught 2nd last year :) Looking forward to following your journey!

    I am your newest follower - come stop by if you get a chance!

    The Sweetest Thing
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  2. I've been following you on Instagram for a few weeks and just started following your blog! I LOVE everything you have! These are so cute! I recently decided to start my own blog: I'll be a first year teacher next year and have been using you and the other teacher bloggers for resources! Please stop by and check my blog out if you get a chance! Thank you!